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Storytelling is at the very heart of being human because stories are fundamental to advancing our societies. Shared stories represent humanity’s very heartbeat and its collective intelligence that was, or was not, passed on from one generation to the next. We can learn so much from stories, and we owe it to those who have offered their truths on something permanent to read their stories and learn from their lessons, lest we not make the same mistakes they have made.

My husband and I have been together for ten years and over that time we have been busy raising my three boys together. We have a very strong bond as this is our second marriage and both of us learned a lot with our “starter marriages.” We consider ourselves a very happy couple and the only thing we ever have fought over was him working too much. He has had a demanding career at Power Design as a Senior Project Manager in the western US territory and over the past three years he has traveled about 75% of the time. My husband Tony is a proud farm boy from IL and like many men of Generation X he has always found his self-worth in working hard and providing for his family. We finally were married, eight years to the day of our first date in a private ceremony on Pass-a-Grille Beach on April 1st, 2021 and hosted our Celebration of Love at Estes Park with family and friends in October of 2021.

You Have Arrived Is Not the Destination

Head + Heart Logic alone won’t inspire and resonate; meaning is required for people to feel the personal importance and need. My job was just to open a window so that you could see the light outside. The infinite seeking of opportunities to improve awaits you. It’s going to be a fun ride!


Here’s the scoop, although I thought I had written a 30,000-word book in 30 days whilst traveling 3,000 miles, ushering my three sons out of the nest, and working full time and only taking three PTO days, I did not. One could not possibly write a thoughtful manuscript in this time frame, under these conditions, especially while also dealing with one’s spouse’s cancer diagnosis. Nope. No one could possibly write a book under those circumstances, but what one could do is write about it to survive it all.

It is vital to remember that everyone you meet, manage, or employ is the center of their own universe and they are all going through something monumental, pivotal, challenging, and life-changing right now. How can those of us who consider ourselves productive take time out of our busy day to deal with it all, and when necessary, help our subordinates navigate their lives’ issues? We absolutely must find a way to renegotiate our professional landscapes and do just that, however. Here is the bottom line: empathy is what is lacking in our workplaces, schools, churches, and social clubs in the U.S. 

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Blood Clot Anyone?

September 8th, 2023
As the season change from summer to fall and the pumpkin spice everything makes its debut, I am finding myself reminiscing about the spring and summer. I am still in the editing stage of my book so it doesn’t take much for me to be transported back to April when things were really crazy. During these editing days am trying to gain perspective and evolve past my prior mindsets.

Celebrity Unicorns | Casting Off from Bimini

August 18th, 2023
I have noticed recently that I have very few straight people in my life with whom I want to spend time with. Most just don’t seem like very much fun and many of them have outdated ideas and Trump dancing the jig on their heart. Nah, for me, the people that lighten my life are those who embrace love. Those who cast off all other comforts to come out into the light for love, yes, those are my people, and to the naysayers who believe they are an abomination and sin against God for loving who they must, I say no.

SEX - The Cream on the Cake

August 21st, 2023
So, you may have noticed that thus far I have not mention sex in regards to our prostate cancer treatment journey. This is certainly not because sex is not important to me and my husband or not because it has not been a challenge for us, because it has been. The reason I have yet to mention sex is because in the grand scheme of things, as a woman, it is not as important as mental compatibility. For men, sex is the most important thing. I get that. But for women it is less so.

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