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The age of consent in the US varies greatly from state to state, but in most every state their are circumstances and loop holes that make it legal for children to give sexual consent to their peers and to adults. Why? Those under eighteen are children and should not legally be able to say yes to sex because horny adults are manipulative and young children are needy and naive. It is our belief that if the United States of America wants to be competitive in the world economy, that it needs to make women equal to their male counterparts. The outdated consent laws in every state need to be updated to what most Americans mistakenly already believe the age of consent is, eighteen.  Our country is also desperately in need of comprehensive consent education in our middle schools and high schools. Empathy will cure the culture of young men thinking that they have dominion over their female peers’ bodies. Change starts now, FOR ALL OF THE MERMAIDS. If you are a victim of sexual assault as a minor, at any time in your life please tell your story here. Together, we can make a difference.

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